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Innovative thinker who's looking for a challenging project with an exciting company where I can use my technical skills in software development. My extensive technical background, motivation, and knowledge help me to develop new software solutions and provide outstanding customer service.
I have 14 years of experience in the computer and software field and more than 7 years of Android app design and development experience.
I always have been trying to write clean and optimized code for further updates and maintenance.


Work experience


Android Developer at Atlassian
(current job)


Tech lead - Engineer Manager at Palo It
(9 months)


Senior Android Engineer at Qantas
(2 years)

Develop new features, bug fixing and refactoring using agile practices.
Write unit tests and automation tests.
Contribute to major changes on the app architecture and infrastructure.
Production support and monitoring, GooglePlay deploy and setup.
Code review practices and analyses to ensure code quality.
Continuos integration/delivery pipelines support and maintenance using Jenkins.


Senior Android Engineer at Airtasker
(2 years and 6 months)

Develop new features, bug fixing and refactoring.
Defined and implemented app architecture to use MVP and dependency injection to improve code testability.
Write unit tests, user interface tests and setup CI Server to automate deploy, test execution and quality checks.
Supported junior members of the team, providing ongoing advice and guidance.


Android Engineer at Vivant
(8 months)

Develop new features, bug fixing and refactoring.
Write unit tests and user interface tests
Implemented a third party SDK to connect Bluetooth devices.
Documented architecture and implementation for internal and external consumption.

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